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Raising the Banner for the Lord

During the last three years of the Covid-19 pandemic we baptized two people and two new members joined our Tokyo branch thanks to our online mission. 

Recently,God gave us a vision of planting a church in Tokyo and as we are only seven-years-old and still small, any financial support for opening this church is greatly needed! 
If you feel a prompting in your heart, please join our fundraising program "Raising the banner for the Lord"

※Sharing this HP / our fundraising effort to your church family would also be great support!!

Just Kick Start !!
Fundraising program for planting the Church in Tokyo -Goal is 1,500,000 JPY(about 11,000 USD) 

Total donation is 865,295JPY - As of 2 June 2023



On-line Donation

with your credit card

★Your online donations will be received on our end as Japanese yen.

The current exchange rate for Japanese yen is about 130 JPY for 1 USD

★We affiliate with the TELECOM CREDIT  Inc. in Japan

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